Jacob Heinrich Toews

Jacob Toews of Homewood passed away on Saturday,  January 28, 2023 at Carman Hospital at the age of 91.

Jacob was born July 25, 1931 to Henry and Margaret Toews near Rosenfeld, Manitoba.  He enjoyed growing up the eldest of five children.  The family moved from Neuhorst to Elm Creek / Fannystelle area where Dad attended the Dakota school.  Dad enjoyed reading, memorizing, writing, math and music!

Dad felt life was designed for music, specifically singing.  He participated in church choirs and Sangerfest during this time.  Building houses and barns kept him busy.

On November 3, 1957 he married Evelyn Pearl Wiebe.  Daughter Cheryl and son Marvyn were born in the ensuing years.  There were dark days to come as Pearl passed away January 5, 1965.

Dad sang at CMBC developing and investing in new and tried friendships. Harmonizing with his brother-in-law Edwin Friesen was good for his soul.  He built many sheds and bins with his brother Peter.  He had pigs in the barn and land to farm.

On July 15, 1971 Dad married Esther Neufeld.  Jake and Esther enjoyed camping, going to church conferences, visiting friends, singing and playing games. A special joy was time with grandchildren.  During this time Dad also enjoyed singing in the Morden Men’s Choir, often traveling to practices with brother-in-law Elmer Wiebe. They traveled into the States and eastern Canada sharing the gift of song.  In June of 2001 Dad survived a heart attack with triple bypass surgery that October.  The time with Esther came to an end on September 14, 2011 when Esther passed away.

Dad endured several serious accidents.  He moved to 5th Avenue Apartments in Carman where he made friends visiting and puzzling.  He walked many miles exploring the town.  During Covid we spent hours singing through hymnaries, visiting and praying over the phone.

May 6, 2021, he was admitted to Carman Hospital, then Boundary, Carman, Gladstone hospital, Third Crossing Manor, Boyne Lodge and Carman Hospital where he passed away on Saturday, January 28 at 5:25pm with Cheryl and Maxine present.

Jacob was predeceased by his brothers Peter in 1984 and Frank in 2022. In his immediate family he is survived by his brother Henry, sister Mary, brother-in-law Jim, sisters-in-law Margaret, Linda and Anne.

Jacob will be fondly remembered by his children, grandchildren, and their families.

He will also be remembered by the Toews, Derkson, Wiebe, and Neufeld families and many friends.

Cheryl and Marvyn would like to thank all those who looked after Dad in the past few years, in Gladstone and Carman, at the lodge and the hospital as well as the homecare he received before that.  We also thank all those who have participated to make this day memorable and all those who have wished us well in this trying time. May peace travel with you.

Funeral at Carman Mennonite Church at 2:00 pm on February 4, 2023, interment at Broad Valley Cemetery.

Doyle’s Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.  Donations can be made to Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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