Terrance Veryle Bouska

Terrance Veryle Bouska, born December 11th, 1944, passed away on April 30th, 2022, peacefully at the Carman Memorial Hospital. In Terry’s 77 years with us, he blessed the world with a large family and a huge heart. Terry was lucky to have been loved and was loved by two life partners Lee Bouska 1968-1999) and Sharon Stokoloff (2016-Present). In addition to being survived by his brother Duane (Arlene) and sister Darlene (George), Terry leaves behind four sons:  

Rick (Donna), Patrick (Myriam), Ken (Rayla), Scott, and many grandchildren. Terry was known by many names, Father, Grandpa, Husband, and by most of all “Pa”. When Terry was younger, he always wanted to be a pilot, eventually, that passion changed to farming and then to plumbing. Most of his working years were spent in Baker Lake N.W.T working for B.L.C.S and most of his recreational time was spent reeling in big fish, traveling, or holding down tents in a windstorm while camping. In the early years, Terry was found riding a tractor on his fields and working on the farm just outside Sanford. Later, Terry had always found new and inventive ways to help support his family, whether opening “Pa’s rentals” in the north, or taking over “Francis Plumbing“ in Brunkild, Terry knew how to work hard and stay positive. Just like he dealt with all experiences in life, Terry managed his illness with strength, grace, and stubbornness. Terry wanted to spend as much time with his loved ones as possible and on his final day, he was surrounded by people who loved him. Terry will be greatly missed but behind he has left us all dad jokes, good advice, and instilled the integrity within all his sons to carry on his memories.  

Terry’s final wish was to not have a funeral and bother anyone with his passing. We ask that you cherish his memory Donations can be made to a charity of your choice. 

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