Garth Campbell

It is with very broken hearts that we have to announce the passing of Garth Campbell on July 2nd, 2021 at Notre Dame Hospital. He touched the lives of everyone that got the chance to know him. 

He was predeceased by his parents Charlie and Dorothy Campbell; sister Yvonne Smith; sister-in-law Doris Campbell; Shannon’s parents Bill and Florence Krohn and step-mother Janet Krohn; brother-in-laws Don Krohn, Alfred Dueck, and Ralph Krohn; and sister-in-law Kathy Miles.

He is survived by the love of his life Shannon; his precious children Meaghan and Ian; his Kiwi-daughter Jasmine and husband Lucas Thiessen; Brayden Leblanc, who was always like another son; his sister Velma (Bert) Cummer, brother Ivan, and brother-in-law Nelson Smith; Shannon’s family: Cheryl (Dave) Thiessen, Heather (Del) Fraser, Sherri (Wes) Nickel, Brenda (Wes) Klassen, April Krohn, Ted (Matilda) Krohn, Mark (Wanda) Krohn, Bob (Betty) Krohn, Joe (Carol) Krohn, Len (Dorothy) Krohn, and Adam (Susan) Krohn.

Garth was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 17th, 1960. He started this journey called life fighting and ended his journey fighting. He was born premature and had to spend three weeks in the hospital. His mother discharged herself from the hospital so she could go home and run the store, leaving Velma, who lived in Winnipeg, in-charge of going to see him every day until he was able to come home.

From a young-age, Coke was always his beverage of choice. Velma recalls when he was three-years-old he would reach into the cooler and pick one out without being able to see inside, but he always pulled-out a Coke. Since then his love for Coke was known through-out the town and many people would bring back rare Coke cans and items from their travels for his collection.

Everyone knew Garth. He was a pillar of the community and ran Campbell’s General Store for over thirty years. Customers and community members were soon considered friends. He’d do his best to get you what you needed and if he didn’t have it he’d be sure to offer another solution. Many people have fond memories of coming to Roseisle and visiting Garth at the old store. Whether it be getting ice cream treats with grandparents, spinning around on the old red bar stools at the counter, enjoying a 10 cent cup of coffee, having a friendly chat, stopping by in the evening to watch some TV or asking for some advice, Garth seemed to leave a lasting impression on everyone who came in.

In 2005 Garth closed the door of his family’s store and walked across the street to open the doors of the Roseisle Community Grocery Co-op. He spent seven years running the Co-op and even got to be his daughter’s boss for a year. He grew tired of being a manager and decided to move on to work for Rona’s lumber department. After working at Rona for a few years, his health troubles really began.

What started out as a simple wrist injury soon led to many health issues, most of which pertained to his struggle with diabetes. Garth always said “I should have never had my wrist fixed, then the rest of this wouldn’t have happened”. Shannon would reply with “your warranty has expired and you’ve worked too long and too hard that your body decided it had enough”. He was in and out of hospitals for many other issues that kept arising but he was a very stubborn man who kept on fighting until the very end.

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