Lucille Marie Tessier Sanders

18 May 1923 to 19 December 2020

After a long life devoted to family, Lucille passed away at Salem Home, with family at her side. Her last days were not without discomfort and pain, but thankfully the very final few hours were completely peaceful and blessedly brief. 

Mom was an avid sports enthusiast, from figure skating; she always enjoyed reminiscing about her performance in an Ice Carnival in the 1950’s in a duet with Miss Doolan; to tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, and even Ski-doo racing in her forties. She reached good plateaus of achievement in several of these sports but could never compete at the same level of excellence as her beloved husband Barrie attained in golf. She was never jealous of this, just quite proud for the winning ways that made her husband so happy.

She was a woman ahead of her time; her first choice for career was to join the RCMP; perhaps the influence of her well-loved star Nelson Eddy in the 1936 movie ‘Rose Marie’ might have been the reason. This not being possible, she became an RN, graduating from the Misericordia Hospital in 1945. She went on to a brief career at the Carman Memorial Hospital, for a time Acting Head Nurse. Although quite young, she had the confidence of Dr. Cunningham, and did not let him down.

Although extremely shy and unassuming, she had a vaudevillian streak in her nature, enjoying participating in amateur contests that were popular for those growing up in the Depression era. She loved to dance. Although those opportunities were rare, she never complained. Her loving caregivers in later years could always count on her to enjoy a few dancing steps when the music moved her, even as she was becoming frail. Marnie and Tawny (and Brenda) were willing and caring dancing partners, bringing past remembered joy to Mom. Thanks for doing that from the heart ❤️. Mom was in Marnie’s Good Hands for over seven years, and we will never, ever, even if given a hundred years, be able to adequately thank her for her love and devotion to Mom, and to Dad.  Thank you, Brenda, for saving Mom’s life during a medical emergency in her home years ago. You were a beloved and special friend for Mom during her final years at home.

Mom was the last surviving member of the Tessier family from Elm Creek, as Dad was the last in his family. Together for over 71 years, the sometimes cruel passage of time stripped away immediate family and contemporaries, but they soldiered on as life went on, long after the thrill of living had gone. Uncomplaining and resigned to God’s plan for their lives, they lived up to the moniker their generation has certainly earned, ‘The Greatest Generation.’ We should be thankful for the bar for our generations being set so high. 

The terrible shock of loss is lessened as the realization sets in that our loved ones have been released from the painful prisons that our own bodies can become. This sense that they are in a better place, safe from harm, is appreciated more each day with the healing only time can bring. We all miss both Mom and Dad, but it would only be for our own selfish sakes to want them back from Paradise, where lament and loneliness are no more. It is now but for us to live well, with grace and courage, as they did, and honour their memory in that manner; until we ourselves have the mysteries of life revealed to us, in God’s good time. As faith teaches us.

As a gesture of memorial to Mom, offering a kind word to someone, even, or, especially, a stranger, making time to visit an aged relative or friend, or taking stock of personal blessings would honour her. 

The care for both Mom and Dad tenderly provided at Salem Home was always professional and heartfelt, especially during the difficult last hours; for that we will always be grateful.

Memorial donations may be made to the Boyne Valley Hostel Corporation, Box 1644, Carman, MB R0G 0J0.

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