Audrey Ruth Wiebe was born on November 6. 1962. She was brought home from women’s pavilion hospital and into an apartment on Arbuthnot street. She went to elementary school gr  k to 6 at la verendrye  school. Then to earl grey school for 7,8,9  then graduated gr 12 from John tayler collegiate. She graduated adult business school in 1986.

She was a kind and loving person who struggled with mental illness all her life. This didn’t stop her from being cheerful and showing compassion to others. She gave a lots to different church organizations. Many times, more then she could afford. Even when hospitalized she reached out and had friends and prayed for others

Her hobbies included lots of kinds of games, shopping and visiting.  She loved movies and nature shows.   In her younger years she had a few jobs such as a temporary secretary and worked at the military base. She also worked at sellers. A few weeks ago she picked up an application to be a volunteer.   She really loved her parents and her sister Roxy.  She prayed every day for her nieces and nephew and for her 8 great nieces and nephews.  She will be greatly missed

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