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Sharon Caroll McGill (Fewster)

August 18, 1941 – September 15, 2020

Caroll is survived by her children Pam and Gary, Mike and Dawn, Dan and Renelle; grandchildren Brody and Melissa, Leah and Shane, Derek, and Evan; and by siblings Del and Bernard.  Caroll was predeceased by her spouse Brian McGill and by her parents Martin and Mary Ellen (Beaudette) Fewster.

A private graveside service will be held for Sharon “Caroll” McGill.

Memorial donations may be made to; Boundary Trails Health Foundation, Box 2000, Winkler, MB R6W 1H8, Carman Hospital Palliative Care, Box 610, Carman, MB R0G 0J0 or to CancerCare Manitoba, 675 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9.






Dear Mom,

You never ceased to surprise us lol!

“Don’t be afraid”

“Afraid of what, Mom?”

“Of all this sick and dying stuff.”

“Mom, do you want to have a rest?” 

“I have all of eternity to rest – what’s for lunch?!”

“I don’t drink but are we having Bailey’s?”

What we knew was coming we did not anticipate in the morning hours of September 15th

Nothing easy about losing a mom.  Of course you know that, having lost your own mother when you were the tender age of three and Del was one. Later, the loss of your aunt – your honorary mother – who, together with her husband, and son Bernard, raised you and ensured you were well cared for.

You were such a strong, resilient survivor!  You were so brave. You had an admirable sense of strength and purpose and chose to stand up and live. You taught us to learn from the lesson. Move forward.

We marveled at how you handled the loss of your own parents, your “honorary” parents and your husband; our dad. We missed Dad soooo much and you were our rock for all these years.  You put us first and grieved privately.  Remember when you would say that when we dreamt about Dad - he was thinking about us?  When a rush of wind went by or some quirky thing happened – it was Dad and his sense of humour. You always felt he was on your shoulder and ours – a sure comfort to you and to us. Positivity.

It’s been a remarkable journey, especially the last few months.  You were absolutely thrilled to have your kids move in and care for you – and what an honour for us!  Daily visits from grandkids were a highlight each and every time. So many laughs, hugs and “I love you’s”. We certainly did a lot of celebrating in these last few months! You taught us well.  We leaned on each other a lot, and you were able to lean on us. To quote ol’ blue eyes “I did it my way”.

You had so many interests and accomplishments – family, 4H, music, literature, gardening, nursing, farming, community, travel, native plants and of course all things historical. That’s quite a broad spectrum mom!  It’s now our turn to continue. We each take a piece with us to honour and cherish and continue the learning and teaching.

You had so many people. We never quite realized how many caring people were in your life – the many phone calls, letters and cards, gifts, visits, prayers - from across town, across the province and across the country.  For each we are humbled and thankful.

And you had such a good relationship with your care providers; and we too felt blessed and confident with the assistance and encouragement from Dr. Braun, Dr. Woelk and Giselle, Dr. Kim. You definitely enjoyed a lot of laughs with Marnie’s In Good Hands team of Carla, Bonnie and Krista. It was good for us to witness and we are so thankful to each!

And of course the rest of the journey with Doyle’s Funeral Home and Karen Tjaden. We feel so fortunate to have them with us!

The garden is tended. The table is set. Many await. Enjoy the rest with Dad. May peace be with you.

Cheers - Love you, sweet dreams!

Pam and Gary – Brody and Melissa, Leah and Shane, Derek

Mike and Dawn

Dan, Renelle and Evan

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