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Calverley John orig photoJohn Leveson Calverley DVM,   March 2, 1931 – March 3, 2015

After a long struggle with dementia, John passed away, aged 84 years, at Salem Home in Winkler MB . He leaves his wife of 60 years, Frances, son Earl (Beverly), daughter Michelle (Nigel) and son Andrew (Elizabeth). In addition he leaves a granddaughter Amelia Rowland. He was predeceased by his father Hugh Salvin and mother Emilie and was the youngest of five children, Michael (deceased), Anne (deceased), Anthony and Sybil.

John was born at and grew up on the family farm near Oakville, Ontario. His father was often absent due to illness so the five children worked hard to keep the farm going. He attended a small local school for a few years and then went to Appleby College, a renowned 7-12 preparatory school in Oakville.

In 1952 John went to Greece with his sister Sybil to help his great Aunt, an Egyptologist, make a film of the Passiontide at the monastery on Patmos. It turned out to be a great adventure involving interesting and sometimes dangerous places and people.

In 1953 John followed his two older brothers on a football scholarship to the University of Guelph to study Veterinary medicine. Due to the Lab seating being assigned alphabetically he was placed next to fellow student Frances Cook. Within two years, 1955, they were married.

After graduating in 1958 they decided to start a veterinary practice in Saskatchewan. At that time, Saskatchewan was still pioneer country with poor roads and some families still living in sod huts. Despite the harsh conditions John reveled in the adventure. While there he devised and set up Canada’s first ‘healthy herd’ program to help the local farmers get the most out of their livestock. When Mom was expecting their first child, Earl, they moved to Carman Manitoba to access better medical care. There they had a veterinary practice at the end of 3rd St. SE for a time. After Earls’ birth they returned to Guelph Ontario for a short time where daughter Michelle was born and then moved back to Carman for son Andrew’s arrival. They lived in and near Carman for the rest of their lives.

After a few years veterinary practice in Carman John decided to investigate other interests and talents. He worked out a method of producing disease free pigs and set up hog farm to figure out the system and show that it was possible. He could get pigs to market faster and healthier without the use of antibiotics and it also made them useful for other products like skin grafts for burn victims. Unfortunately, the concept was too far ahead of its time for acceptance by the industry.

In 1975 he became interested sailing and built a small sailboat in the basement. Removing the boat once completed required some temporary house modifications. After sailing for a couple years Dad decided that designing and manufacturing sailboats would be fun. He purchased a small fiberglass sailboat manufacturing company and designed and built a large number of boats. In time, the company changed to building many different fiberglass products, especially agricultural tanks.

In the late 1980’s Mom and Dad purchased 10 acres of land west of Carman and built a house of their own design. It was done in time to be the scene of daughter Michelle’s and son in law Nigel’s wedding. They enjoyed the large garden and Dad tinkered away with steam engines and his collection of blacksmithing equipment.

In the early 1990’s Dad became more interested in machining and aircraft. These interests culminated in the reconstruction of a WWII Japanese Zero airplane. This aircraft currently entertains thousands of people at airshows all over the U.S.

During the 1990’s John and Frances travelled to China, arriving in Tiananmen Square at the time of the uprising. This was one trip among a number that included India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Great Britain. They took a great many photos that they enjoyed viewing on cold winter evenings.

Dad’s last major project was a log cabin which was a collaborative effort with a number of friends. The cabin now sits beside the museum in Carman’s King’s Park.

A memorial service will be held at Doyle’s Funeral Chapel in Carman MB at 2 pm on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Alzheimer Society of Canada or Salem Home of Winkler MB.

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