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IMG 8440This letter from Donalda’s sister Audrey no doubt resonates with many, especially her family. We were blessed to have someone so positive and so caring in our lives.

Nellie Anne,

We were born less than a year apart, but Mom has always referred to us being as different as day and night, light and dark. I think we have a good idea of which one is you and which one is me.

You have always been a woman of many talents.

Before computers were in every household, you were the person people went to when they needed someone to solve their computer woes. Patience – one of your virtues.

You put in 30 years working at Manitoba Health, what a highlight and proud moment it was for mom to witness and family to hear about you winning the very prestigious Premier’s Career Achievement Award, an award reserved for only one outstanding Manitoba government employee each year. At both the award gala and your retirement party, we heard over and over how highly you were regarded for your interpersonal skills and in general, how well liked you were at your workplace.

Something puzzling for me was your passion for Toastmasters. Who would even choose to speak in public! We would sit by the pool, you writing a speech, me reading. I would ask more than once, “so, that’s really fun for you?” and you always replied with a resounding, “Yes, it is!”

Other virtues, like perseverance and tenacity, were evident in your three years as a Lia Sophia consultant. How glad I am that you retired at 55 and had these years to continue to grow and blossom, all while enjoying your new found independence as a woman working her own small business.

I am so grateful for Lynn and May. I loved hearing of your growing friendship as these two became such an integral part of your life, especially these last years.

And then there is your passion for music. When we sang together with Dad and Karen, I was the volume and you would do all you could to drown me out on the piano, harmonizing to make me sound better. Same arrangement with the accordion, you always made me sound better than I was.

Your dancing, it was natural and effortless. You were the only one that could make me look good on the dance floor. I am grateful for the gift of time and dance you were able to share with Mom after Dad had passed away. Your gift of dance, to teach and to share, impacted many lives.

Then there is your greatest passion of all, the unconditional love you had for your children. That love was palpable whenever anyone was near you. You gave new meaning to the term “Hockey Mom”.

I have so many great memories of the holiday that you, Mom and I took to the East Coast. It began as a gift for Mom but as the two weeks unfolded, watching you interact with people and your surroundings, it became apparent that you were budding into what life after work would become for you.

Like Mom said, night and day, dark and night. It seemed like we disagreed about everything in our conversations about our philosophies of life. What a gift to have a sister where I could be myself, say what I thought and have every conversation end in laughter, love and hugs. Donalda, you loved unconditionally. You are already missed in so many more ways than I can ever say.

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