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Peters Lillian - orig photoLillian's Eulogy

Lillian Mary Peters (nee Penner) beloved wife, mother & grandmother was born and grew up in Altona. As a small girl she was very proud of her doll carriage and loved to push it around the house and yard. When company would come over; she would very often hide behind her mother, because Lillian was a very shy girl. She would often say, That people must think I'm stuck up, but those that got to know her knew she was not stuck up, just very shy.

In high school Lillian met a pimply faced kid, who she thought was cute, but she never told him so while in high school.

Lillian grew up with 1 sister & 3 brothers and often endured the teasing that comes from being shy, the youngest in the family, and being the spoiled one. But she loved them. She was always the eternal peacemaker.

At 16, Lillian was baptized upon her confession of faith, and for the rest of her life she tried to live a life that would please her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Whenever there were decisions or choices to be made, she would often say, "What would Jesus do?"

After high school, Lillian went to Winnipeg to work at the Municipal Hospitals as a nurse's aid to care for those who had been afflicted with polio. She truly enjoyed this type of work and her personal love for care giving just naturally led her to becoming a nurse. So off to Red River Community College for nurse's training.

It was during this time, on one of her weekends back in Altona, that she met up with this pimple faced kid from high school again. That was March 1973.Dating of course was an exciting time but also a time for serious questions about each other, because after all, this was going to be a life long commitment. But the 2 were in love from the first moment on, and that love only grew as time went on.

Lillian & Brian were married on July 7, 1974 and established their first home in Altona. It was also here that their only child, a son Brian was born. First time parents. What a wonderful ride.

Those early years included some moving around and Lillian helping her husband through university. After university it was off to Brazil for 3 years where we were involved in mission work with MCC. Returning to Canada, Lillian enjoyed the flush toilets, roofs that didn't leak and air conditioning.

Lillian's life revolved around her family. Very soon after the birth of our Son Brian it was decided that taking care of her family was more important than anything else in the world. And her family is what she dedicated her life to. She would play games before sending Brian to school in the morning. We lived behind the schoolyard and she would watch him come home across the schoolyard after school. When I would come home in the evening after work, she would come and meet me with a kiss in the garage. Even in winter and it was cold in the garage, and I would say, "Let's go inside first" But she always came to meet me outside.

It was 2006 when I was first introduced to CMA (Christian Motorcyclist's Association) and with it came the monthly meetings. Lillian had very little interest in riding a motorcycle at this time and only occasionally would she humor me and attend a meeting. It was at these monthly meetings that she was drawn to the people. She looked forward to these meetings and the fellowship they provided. Although riding a motorcycle had never been her passion, she wanted to please her husband and be with him even if it meant riding on the back of a bike. As she did it more frequently, she was actually starting to enjoy it, and had recently ordered a second pair of chaps, which she thought, would be more comfortable. She was looking forward to riding this summer, being with her husband and friends, and the mission of CMA.

As Easter was approaching, she had already started looking for appropriate Bible verses for all of us to read at Easter. She would place them under the plate and everyone would read a verse before the meal.

She absolutely adored her 4 grandchildren. She loved to attend their events such as piano recitals, baseball, curling, school programs and such. She looked forward to these events and waited with anticipation.

On Tuesday she had slipped on a rug and had pain in her legs, which got worse as the week progressed. On Friday she was concerned that this might keep her from going to a youth event at our grandchildren's church on Sunday. Lillian had often not been feeling well, but then things would always get better. So on Friday I said, "It's still 2 days till Sunday, you'll be feeling much better by then. Don't worry, we'll be able to go".

On Friday night, because of her discomfort, she decided to sleep on the couch. She didn't want to disturb my sleep.

In the morning when I went to check on her on the couch in the living room, she had already gone to be with Jesus, her Lord and Saviour. She went to be with Jesus on the Saturday morning of March 16th 2013.

Lillian Mary Peters (nee Penner) leaves to morn her beloved and ever-loving husband Brian, her dear and precious children Brian and Anita, and her adorable and adoring grandchildren: Jordan, Vanessa, Christopher and AJ.

Also left to morn her passing are her sister Helena and Fred Friesen and her brother Bernie and Bertha Penner, In-laws: Pete Peters, Peter and Susan Peters, Anna and Dave Wiebe, Glen and Carilee Peters and Naomi Peters, many nieces and nephews, her coffee friends, and her many wonderful friends at CMA.

Lillian was predeceased by her parents: Frank & Marie Penner; 2 brothers: Frank & Ed Penner; and her mother-in-law Sadie Peters.

Brian & the family would like to sincerely thank the many people who came to visit, brought food, cards and your prayers. Thank you so much for your coveted prayers. It has been a tremendous source of strength and we would not have been able to continue without it. THANK YOU!

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