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Mom was born at Kinosota, Manitoba on December 1, 1929 to Stanley and Nancy Rodericks. She was the youngest of 3 children, having an older sister Mary, and brother Bob. There were also twins who died shortly after their birth. Mom, Aunt Mary and Aunt Tilla often said they hoped to have twins, but none of them were so blessed even though Aunt Mary had 9 children and Aunt Tilla had 6.

Mom grew up on the farm, then at 15 worked during part of World War 2 at the air force base in Portage la Prairie. Later, Mom moved back to the Kinosota area.

Mom met Winston Watson, who was working for his Uncle J.B. Watson at his store in Keewana. Many times, Dad told of how strong Mom was. Mom was 17 or 18 years old and working at the store. She would sling a 100 pound bag of flour over her shoulder and take it out to a customer's horse and sleigh. Aunt Tilla told us that she was trying to get Mom to go out with her brother but as soon as Mom laid eyes on Dad, she only had eyes for him. They married on December 20, 1947 at the church in Reedy Creek. Mom and Dad were married for 52 years and though they had their tough times as all couples do, they never lost the love for each other that started so long ago.

Mom and Dad were wanderers always looking to improve their circumstances for the good of their family.

The next part may not necessarily be in the correct chronological order (we are getting older after all). It is as we heard over the years.

In Keewana, shortly after their marriage, Dad said that Mom started bugging him to have a baby. Mom always loved babies, and in late 1948, they had their first born son Carl, our dear brother, who passed away suddenly a couple of weeks ago.

They moved to Reedy where Dad and Mom built a store. Two and a half years after Carl, they had Marilyn.

At some point, the family moved to Ontario where Mom and Dad had a cattle farm. They imported Hereford cattle which Mom loved. These cattle had not been seen in the area before and people would come from miles around to see the "Western Cattle". They moved back from Ontario because Mom was lonesome for her extended family and Dad always tried to make Mom happy.

They later ran a store in Nesbitt, MB and then we lived in Winnipeg and they worked at the University of Manitoba in the kitchen. We moved to Portia, MB where they ran another store and then settled in Myrtle, MB for 11 years building and operating the store there. Mom's parents lived with us for a while and this is when we got to know our grandparents better. When in Myrtle, they ran a mail delivery service for Canada Post and a PMU operation with horses. My cousin, Ray Asham was working up north and Mom and Dad were thrilled to have Hazel, along with her children Barbara and Brent live in Myrtle while Hazel worked for them. This was before Beverley was born. You will have to ask Hazel what she called the product which she helped them to collect. In Myrtle, we celebrated many New Year's Day dinners with Doug, Helen and their boys Ryan and Glenn. This was before Tracy came into their lives.

We have many happy memories of times spent with all of the members of the extended family which are too numerous to mention but we hope you will share any memories you have with us today and in the future.

Also while in Myrtle, Dennis was born seven years after Marilyn and then Dwayne 2 years later. Mom and Dad made many dear friends at Myrtle who they enjoyed visiting with and cherished their whole lives through.

In 1969, Mom, Dad, Dennis and Dwayne moved to Roseau River where they had a PMU contract and some cattle. They moved to Steinbach where Dad did a variety of jobs. Uncle Bob and Aunt Tilla came to Steinbach and talked to Dad about buying their taxi business. This helped to quench Mom and Dad's wanderlust for a time as Mom, Dad, Dennis and Dwayne moved to Amaranth, MB. For a number of years, Mom and Dad both drove the taxis until they sold the business to Carl and Connie. They moved to Ste Rose, MB where they ran a flower shop and rented out rooms in their house. This was where life changed dramatically for all of us.

Mom had an aneurism in 1977, the day that Scott was born. Mom lost her short term memory which turned out to be wonderful later when Dad, as a lot of you know first hand, would tell the same stories over and over and Mom would laugh each time as if it was a new story, In the old days, she might have killed him (I am just kidding). Even though Mom lost most of her short term memory, she still could remember the important things in life, such as family and friends. The loss of her memory was very hard on her and on all of us, especially Dad. His life partner who had always been strong and forceful was now someone who had to rely on him totally to remember important dates and make the decisions. As you know, this was not exactly our Mom prior to her illness. We feel blessed that she lived through this and we had 33 more years to enjoy with her.

Mom and Dad moved back to Amaranth eventually buying the taxi business back. They stayed in Amaranth until Dad's health issues led them to move to Carman where they lived with Bill and Marilyn until Dad died in 1999.

Bill, Marilyn and Mom moved to Roseisle for a few years then Mom decided first to move to Boyne Towers and then Boyne Lodge where she lived at the time of her death.

Left to cherish Mom's memory is Carl's wife Connie of Sanford, her grandson Scott Watson and Heidi Adamko who we are pleased to announce were married last Saturday and grandson Sean Watson, her daughter Marilyn and Bill North of Roseisle, grandson Billy and Gina North and their children Maizy, Jack and Landry of Sanford, granddaughter Kathy and Steve Blanco and their children Justin and Austin of Carman, grandson Dean and April North and their children Reid, Kierson and Cora of Carman, son Dennis and Robbin Watson and granddaughter Carley Watson of Toronto, ON, granddaughter Chelsea Watson and her partner Dana Jerlo of Winnipeg and son Dwayne and Sandy Watson of Knoxville, Tennessee and grandson Chris and Krystal Robinson and their children Dallas and Kaydan of Pembroke, ON, grandson Aaron and Andrea Robinson and their daughter (Mom's namesake) Arianna Susan of Pembroke, ON and grandson Tristan and Dayna Robinson and their son Tye of Pembroke, ON.

Her brother Bob and sister-in-law Tilla Rodericks of Kinosota, MB, Dad's brother Basil and Marjorie Watson of Cardinal, ON, brother Colmer and Teresa Watson of Johnstown, ON and late brother Earl's wife Frieda Watson of Ingleside, ON also lovingly remember.

Mom and Dad and their family have always been pleased to have been included so closely as members of the Asham and Rodericks families. To the Ashams, Doug and Helen, Ray (who left us much too soon) and Hazel, Wayne and Lynn, Don and Lorna, Glennis and Franklin Mousseau, Stanley and Louise, Lois and Gary Gurke, and Grant and Leona and to the Rodericks, Brian, Rob and Donna, Gloria and Gary Anderson, Ray and Carol, Michael and Treasure, we thank you all for your love and support. You have all meant so much to Mom and Dad and the rest of us. We look forward to many more happier times together.

The family would like to extend our thanks to the Home Care people who looked after Mom and Dad, the wonderful and caring staff of Boyne Lodge and Carman Hospital, to Dr Fareed and Dr Clayden for their support at this difficult time, to Shannon Bergsma and especially to Helen Heaman who sat with Mom on Saturday when the rest of us were off enjoying Scott and Heidi's beautiful wedding.

Thanks to you all for coming, for the warm wishes and just for being with us to lean on and cry with during these very difficult last few weeks. A special thank you to Connie's family for helping all of us to get through Carl's death and then, Mom's death.

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